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Programs & Partnerships

United Nations and the World Bank (WSP) Water Operators Partnership Africa (WOP - Africa )

Thanks to the UN (UN-HABITAT), the Water Operators Partnership Programme has become a reality. AfWA, after its merger with ESAR, is the only organisation that has been entrusted with the destiny of the WOP programme in Africa. The objective of this programme is to share experience and build capacity among water and sanitation sector operators, supported by the AfDB and other financial institutions.

With the United Nations, the launch of the Water Operators Partnership is giving new breath to the capacity building of water and sanitation utilities supported by donors of the sector.


Water and Sanitation Program (WSP), Public–Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF)

Development of an assessment process for the degree of profitability degree of African water utilities (Shadow Credit Rating) within the context of local utilities financing.

The African Water Association is examining new means of financing in the water and sanitation sector.


World Water Council (WWC)

In the future, a close collaboration about the followingtopics for 2008:

  • Water and Sanitation, women and decision making;
  • Partnerships among the water and sanitation organisations for capacity building and improvement of service quality.

With the World Water Council, the Association can now see beyond the continent.


African Development Bank (AfDB)

Water Operators Partnership Africa, Shadow Credit Rating, performance indicators and Benchmarking. The three main projects of AfWA, always with the support of the African Development Bank.

The AfDB and the African Water Facility are central support for AfWA and the water and sanitation sector in Africa.


World Bank Institute (WBI)

Many workshops are in progress:

  • Reform of the water and sanitation sector,
  • Contractualization,
  • Reduction of Non-Revenue Water,
  • Investment Planning and development of a sector financial model,
  • Partnership among operators,
  • Governance of water utilities,
  • Contribution of ICT in utilities and customer management,
  • Financing of the sector and infrastructure,
  • Fraud and corruption in the water and sanitation sector.

With the World Bank Institute, the formation of AfWA is refined and permanent.


CDE – PRO€INVEST of European Union

Maitenance management within utilities, with the support of the CDE.
The improvement of maintenance methods through the implementation of an efficient maintenance approach inevitably leads to: better management of water resources through reduced water losses and thus increase in supply, optimization of equipment operation and structures while increasing their lifetime and reducing operating costs, encouraging future investments. AfWA is a part of this dynamic through the development of a programme together with the CDE on this theme.

With the CDE-PRO€INVEST, it is direct support to professional associations such as the African Water Association in the capacity building of its members.


OIEau (Office international de l'eau )

Within the framework of improving water utilities governance, this project deals with the development of water utilities management through the use of performance indicators. Four (4) countries presented each two water utilities representing the pilot team. The project consists of a series of training sessions on performance indicators and benchmarking, and internal coaching sessions within the utilities.

With the Office international de l'eau, benchmarking and performance indicators are within the hands of water and sanitation utilities.

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