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Delay: 30 September 2017

Post Title: Communication and Knowledge Management Specialist

Direct supervisor: AfWA Communication Manager

Location: Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Period: Thirty-month contract renewable with six-month probation

AfWA seeks a Communication & Knowledge Management Specialist for the anticipated "WASH-African Water Association Capacity Building Program (AfriCap)" in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. The goal of this program is to support AfWA to facilitate regional coordination and collaboration for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) initiatives, WASH policy harmonization, capacity building of WASH stakeholders, and rapid broad-based dissemination of best practices and innovative knowledge products in order to improve the quantity, quality, and sustainability of WASH services in West Africa. This will be a 4 years cooperative agreement of $2 million funded by USAID and is expected to be awarded in October-December 2015. This position is contingent upon award.


The African Water Association (AfWA) is a continental platform knowledge management platform of the water and sanitation sector that brings together corporates of drinking water production and distribution, corporates managing sanitation services, as well as the regulators water and sanitation sectorial policies in African countries in view of knowledge and best practices sharing. Originally, AfWA was created only by and for these actors known as “Active Members”. In 2014, about 34 years after its creation, AfWA was composed of 76 Active Members from 43 African countries.

While the AfWA’s Active Members mission vis-à-vis of their customers is to provide quality products and services, they need the expertise and input from the hydraulic equipment and materials manufacturers and highly qualified consultants which themselves, also need the Active Members to buy their goods and services so to expend their business. Here come the concept of establishing a “win-win” exchange platform between the water and sanitation operators and the equipment manufacturers and, both parties understood that one cannot prosper without another. Hence, AfWA decided to integrate a new category of members, mainly constituted of individuals or group of individuals from all continents, operating in the industry, technology and consultancy in the water sector, sanitation and hygiene. They are recognised as the “Affiliated members”. In December 2014, they were 67 in this category, mainly from Europe and Africa.

Objectives of AfWA

  • To coordinate the search for knowledge and up-date technical, policy, administrative, and economic data gathered in the area of Water Supply, Sanitation and Environment
  • To initiate, encourage and to promote any actions of cooperation and exchange in professional training;
  • To foster permanent exchange of information in all areas related to water supply, sanitation and the environment, particularly on research and implementation techniques;
  • To promote contacts, exchanges and cordial relationship among professionals of the sector in Africa and throughout the world. The Association organizes congresses, colloquia, seminars, workshops and technical sessions.


Although the final millennium development goals (MDG) evaluation report has globally shown progress in drinking water access, there remain challenges in achieving sanitation goals. The UN millennium water group however pointed out that the current pace of progress is still too slow to reach the goals in Africa; where only very few countries had met the targets. However, the long-term sustainability of the current achievements is not guaranteed. With the international community preparing to engage the race toward achieving the sustainable development goals (SDG), there is increasing agreement that, solving WASH–related challenges in Africa require reaching a wider audience with the lessons learned from best practices. Such approach will hopefully effectively contribute towards addressing systemic issues with sustainability and indiscriminate approaches that plague the WASH sector in West Africa.

Since 2010, AfWA has been implementing various projects funded by USAID Washington office, either as the main recipient, or as a sub-grantee. The most important projects comprise the Water Operators Partnerships Program for Africa (WOP Africa), co-funded by the African Water Facility of the African Development Bank (AWF/AfDB) and the Further Advancing the Blue Revolution Initiative (FABRI). The WOP Africa program, in which AfWA is the recipient, pairs up utility operators and creates learning opportunities between mentors and mentees. To date, 18 partnerships between mentors and mentees have been established. Activities of mentors and mentees are discussed and evaluated during a mid-year and end of year evaluation and regular quarterly reports are submitted to USAID/Washington and the African Water Facility. A WOP Nigeria platform has been created since January 2014 and hosted by the institutional support to the Nigerian Water Supply Association and other countries of the Tier 1&2 USAID Water and Development focus had also been involved at various levels (the Senegal utilities as a mentor on water and sanitation areas, Mali, Ghana and Nigeria utilities as mentees).

AfWA, a unique African organization in the WASH sector, is highly committed to measurably changing the effectiveness of knowledge management and information sharing to reach the membership and other stakeholders in the WASH and wastewater sector across the African continent.

Since 2008, USAID in general and specifically USAID/West Africa through different initiatives such as WA-WASH, WASUP, SUWASA, FABRI, WOP Africa program etc., invested large amounts of resources in support of the WASH sector in Africa, with a relative success in the field. Unfortunately, lessons learned and best practices captured from these projects and programs are not well shared and disseminated at all levels of the decision-making process or the implementation chain of the WASH sector across the continent.

Together AfWA, USAID-WA and targeted partners will strategically engage to encourage transformational changes in regional coordination and communication for WASH, water quality management, and effective sanitation service delivery as an efficient mean of supporting the WASH sector towards reaching the SDGs by the countries in the region. The overall aim of these investments would be to produce effective regional coordination and harmonization of policies that are informed by broad-based understanding of best practices and promising models for WASH service delivery.


Under the overall guidance and supervision of AfWA communication Manager and working in close collaboration with the AfriCap Program Coordinator, the Communication and Knowledge Management (CKM) Specialist will be responsible for the development of a knowledge management strategy for AfriCap program and developing communications and knowledge management capacity and skills in the whole organization: AfWA.


  • Coordinate, plan, and implement institutional learning activities relevant to the achievement of the Mission’s goals and objectives
  • Strengthen systems and processes that promote and facilitate efficient learning and knowledge-sharing
  • Track best practices in knowledge management and WASH sector learning to incorporate new or improved learning tools and approaches
  • Gather and disseminate knowledge and information on best practices for high priority, crosscutting activities (gender, youth, hygiene)
  • Ensure information is collected from partner organizations in consistent and compatible format, enabling information sharing and analysis.
  • Perform Information cleaning, consolidation, quality control and verification on data collected;
  • Ensure timely dissemination of necessary information to members and other stakeholders;
  • Ensure continuous communication with partners for enhanced coordination of sector improvement efforts;
  • Develop simple, user-friendly information reporting tools, in consultation with supervisors;
  • Train and promote the use of these reporting tools among organizations and stakeholders;
  • Create information products in English and French wherever required;
  • Perform any other duty as requested and assigned by the supervisor

Key activities

The Communication & Knowledge Management Specialist will support AfWA communication and marketing team in undertaking the following tasks but not limited to:

Create, review and edit – in close collaboration with all projects and programs - multi-purpose/specific products (including thematic content package on Newsletters, Magazines, factsheets, films, brochures, briefing notes, key messages, speeches and other briefing packs for a large range of stakeholders (donors media, AfWA members, partners)

  • Support global and country level partnership and fund-raising activities by effective advocacy and communication activities.
  • Produce multimedia materials, together with the Direction of programs and professional development to show the activities progress on going at AfWA.
  • Provide support to the activities of collaboration with national and international media such as facilitating project/programs site visits, photo coverage and TV footage and utilizing both web-based and traditional media as appropriate.
  • Ensure communication effectiveness, efficiency and delivery as well as a rigorous and transparent approach to planning, monitoring and evaluation with support of the communication section.
  • Identify opportunities to strengthen the capacity of partners through appropriate advocacy and communication training and provide support to upcoming trainings
  • Manage visibility requirement from donors and partners

Experience in the following areas is strongly preferred:

  • Mastery experience in the field of communications and knowledge management, including the use of multiple and innovative media, and the ability to work with IT and graphics personnel to achieve exceptional results.
  • Technical experience in data management, dashboard development, cloud services, and the creation of web-based knowledge platforms and communications products, with knowledge of their applicability to international development, regional planning, the water sector, or related fields.
  • Experience in the WASH sector learning and training, with specific hands-on responsibility for the design and facilitation of training events.
  • Ability to create and sustain a vision and mission for the field of CKM that are adopted by the organization; that ensure that the best, most relevant information for the technical sub-disciplines is accessible and disseminated efficiently to all staff and stakeholders; and that establishes cross-organizational communities of practice and champions that enhance organizational learning over time to foster change.
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively, both independently and as a member of a team, with a wide variety of individuals, groups, institutions, and technical organizations. Ability to work effectively under pressure to carry out specific, results-oriented tasks, given constraints in time, information, and logistical support.


  1. University degree in the water, social sciences or environment sector
  2. At least 5 years of professional experience in the water and/or sanitation sector, preferably in project development and project cycle management, including the preparation of proposals, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs.
  3. Excellent organisational and strategic planning skills to analyse, set priorities, take initiatives and complete work to deadlines.
  4. Be computer literate with proven skills in the use of common software for text processing, framework, and presentation. Acquaintance with data base management software would be an advantage.
  5. Spirit of initiative and integrity excellent qualities of oral and written expression, and also in the interpersonal relationships
  6. Excellent communication skills,
  7. Excellent control of written and spoken French and English and be able to work in both languages.


  • Letter of Motivation
  • Detailed Curriculum vitae in English and/or French.
  • Names and contact information of three reference persons. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

Applications to be sent before September 30th, 2017 to the following

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