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Pro-Poor Rural Sanitation: WSUP ‘s willingness to work with AfWA

Pro-Poor Rural Sanitation: WSUP ‘s willingness to work with AfWA

The non-governmental organisation “Water and Sanitation for Urban Poor” (WSUP) is interested in a collaborative partnership with the African Water Association (AfWA).

Baghi Baghirathan, WSUP Financial Affairs Director and Yaver Abidi, WSUP ADVISORY Managing Director, whose offices are based in London, England, exchanged with AfWA Executive Management Staff members on Monday, 14 August 2017 in Abidjan at the Headquarters of the African Water Association.

The objective being to lay the foundations for a project of closer cooperation and collaboration between the two organisations, especially in the area of sharing experiences and knowledge, with a focus on peer-learning partnerships with service providers, members of AfWA. To demonstrate its desire to develop knowledge sharing, the African Water Association has a digital platform for knowledge sharing on the water and sanitation sector freely accessible on the Internet.

Moreover, the expertise of the African Water Association in building the capacities of operators in the water and sanitation industry through peer partnerships is no longer to be demonstrated. Borrowed from the United Nations, “WOP” Water Operator Partnership (WOP-Africa) concept is initiative to improve the performance of water operators through knowledge sharing and Capacity building through partnerships between the industry professionals. Conducted by AfWA in 2009, WOP enabled dozens of water companies to improve their performance.  In connection with the collaboration that it wishes to engage with AfWA, WSUP wishes to use the same approach with particular focus on multiple meetings of Benchmarking and master classes.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the Executive Director of AfWA to perform a presentation on its three major programs, which it continues to implement in the field of capacity building for operators in the WASH sector: AfriCap (WASH - African Water Association (AfWA / Glossary Link AAE) - Capacity Building), funded by USAID West Africa over 4 years for US $ 2 million, Capacity Building Program for African Sanitation Operators through Peer Learning Partnerships (RASOP-Africa) funded over three years by the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation for US $ 2.5 million, and AfriAlliance, a five-year climate change adaptation program funded by the European Union in the amount of 300 000 Euros.

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